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Conversion Questions

What does it cost to switch to ALLO?

Nothing. There is no installation cost when you switch to ALLO.

Do I get to keep my old telephone number?

Yes, if you live in our local service area.

Do I need to notify my current provider when I switch to ALLO?

No. You do not need to notify your current local telephone provider. When ALLO converts your service, your current provider will be notified of the change.
After your service is moved to ALLO, you will want to contact your Internet and long distance providers so that they discontinue their billing.

Is there a deposit required when I switch to ALLO?

There are three ways to provide security for ALLO’s valuable equipment. Any way will work.
1) Pay $150 deposit; credited to your account after one year
2) Provide a past bill from a similar provider showing you are ‘current’ in your account
3) Agree to fill out an ACH form, providing automatic withdrawal from your checking account for the full amount each month (call your local ALLO office for more information)

When will I have service? How long does it take to switch?

It should take about three to five business days to be switched to our service, though in some cases we may be able to do it sooner.

Do I have to get a modem for my Internet? Will it work with wireless?

ALLO provides you an advanced wireless router to give you access to maximum speeds and to allow you to receive our ALLO TV Service. For other areas, you will need a DSL wireless modem. ALLO will configure and send it to you with instructions.

Do you offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, ALLO provides a 30 Day Money-back Guarantee for more information please Click Here.

Moving Questions

If I move to another location, will it cost to move the phone as well?

There will be a charge to move your phone to another location. It will be billed on your regular bill.

Billing Questions

When are bills due? What is the bill cycle?

10th – You will receive your bill around the 17th of each month. Bills are due the 1st. Billed days are for the 10th through the 9th of following month.
24th – You will receive your bill around the 1st of each month. Bills are due on 15th - Billed days are for the 24th through the 23rd of following month.

Why is my first bill more than what I was quoted?

Your first bill is most likely for more than 30 days. Check the dates for service on your bill and you will see that it includes the current month as well as billing for the next month. This is because billing is in advance.

How do I pay for my ALLO bill through Automatic Bank Draft?

We are pleased to offer customers the opportunity to have a payment plan in place that will allow ALLO to go directly to your bank checking or savings account and deduct the full amount of your monthly bill. This saves time, effort and money for you and is incredibly convenient. Just click on link at the end of the last sentence and print the document. Fill it out and either mail or drop it off at our local office or email to to get started! You’ll need to attach a VOIDED check with the document. Special Offer….Not currently enrolled in Auto-Pay? We’re pleased to offer a complimentary 6 months of HD service for participating! View Autopay Request Form

Internet Questions

Can I have Internet service without phone service?

If you are in the Scottsbluff, Gering, Alliance,Ogallala or North Platte areas and are served by ALLO’s Fiber, you can have Internet service without a phone. In other communities you will need to have phone service.

Can I be on the Internet and the phone at the same time?

Yes, you can use both the phone and the Internet at the same time.

What speeds of Internet do you have?

For our towns with fiber networks, symmetric 20 Mbps - 100 Mbps upload and download is standard. But we also have 1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) upload and download speeds available. You can easily check your speeds using the Speed Test.

How redundant are your services?

ALLO currently utilizes Qwest, AT&T and Global Crossing for its Internet drains. In the event of an outage, our traffic routes over other providers.
Please see our redundancy page for more information.

What is Home Networking For Life?

Home Networking for Life is a residential network solution available to ALLO’s Internet customers.
With Home Networking for Life, you can:

  • Connect multiple devices to a single Internet connection.
  • Connect a laptop in range of the wireless router.
  • Protect your privacy with an advanced firewall.
  • ALLO will provide support for the ALLO-supplied router and will replace it if it stops working (under normal usage) free of charge.
Note: this service does NOT include computer repair.

Technical Questions

Question about your TV or DVR?

Yes. Please see our TV & DVR Features Guide

Who do I call if I have a technical problem?


  • Scottsbluff and Gering 308-633-5050
  • Alliance 308-761-5050
  • Ogallala 308-284-7550
  • Bridgeport 308-262-7550
  • North Platte 308-532-1400
  • For all other areas, please call 308-633-5000 or 866-481-ALLO
  • Scottsbluff and Gering 308-633-5000
  • Alliance 308-761-5000
  • Ogallala 308-284-7500
  • Bridgeport 308-262-7500
  • North Platte 308-532-7300
  • For all other areas, please call 308-633-5000 or 866-481-ALLO

Installation Questions

How does ALLO install their fiber at my home?

ALLO Fiber Installation

How do I use my ALLO Email?

ALLO e-mail set up with Outlook 2003
ALLO e-mail setup for iPhone,iPad or iPod
ALLO email IMAP setup

Residential Features

What home phone features are included with every ALLO phone package?

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Speed Calling
  • Call Forward
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Voicemail
  • 900/976 Block
  • Collect/3rd Party Block
  • Unlimited Long Distance
    For more information Click Here


What home phone features may I add to my ALLO phone package?

Sim Ring

Multiple destinations ring simultaneously when any calls are received on your phone number. The first destination answered is connected.

Additional Line

Add another line to your existing service. i.e. Teen Line

Inside Wiring Insurance Plan

ALLO inside wiring plan provides troubleshooting and repair of inside wiring and jacks for your ALLO service. You will not pay any labor or material charges if you need a telephone technician to make repairs covered by the plan. Repair of telephone sets or other premise telephone equipment is not included.


Telephone number will not be available through the published telephone directory.


Telephone number will not be available through the published telephone directory or through Operator directory assistance.

Additional Listing

Each customer receives a single line listing. Some customers have the need for additional listings for the same telephone number such as for a business partner or roommate. Customers may request to add listings in addition to the primary listing for an additional monthly cost.

Distinctive Ring

Allows businesses and homes to have two or three different phone numbers on one phone line. What distinguishes the different telephone numbers coming in is their signature ring, a pattern of long and /or short rings.

Home Phone /Mobile Phone

ALLO’s Home Number/Mobile Phone provides you with a home number that rings up to 5 cell phones so you may keep your listing in the white pages.

How do I use ALLO’s business calling features?

3-Way Calling

This service allows a customer to call another party during an existing call and add this party to the call, creating a three-way conversation.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Calling customers whose call is marked private or anonymous will receive the blocked call message when they call another end-user who has activated Anonymous Call Rejection.

Busy Call Forward - Fixed

This service forwards all incoming calls on to an alternative number, without ringing the customer’s phone first.

Call Park Analog
Call Pickup

This service allows a customer to pick up an incoming call to any other line by dialing an access code.

Call Transfer

This service allows a customer to call another party during an existing call, and transfer the call to the second party.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows an customer to receive a second call while they are already on the line.

Conference Calling

Allo Communications offers conference calling facilities.

Delayed No Answer Call Forwarding - Fixed

These services forward calls from the customer’s line to an alternative number only if calls are not answered on the customer’s line.

Do Not Disturb

This service allows the customer to block his or her line temporarily to prevent incoming calls.

Find Me Follow Me

This service provides a way for subscribers to configure additional numbers that will be rung instead of or in addition to the customer’s own number, any of which can answer the call.

Last Call Return

Last Call Return allows the customer to hear the telephone number of the last incoming call by dialing an access code, whether the call was answered or not.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding with Unconditional Fixed Call Forwarding

Sim Ring allows a single customer to be contactable regardless of location.

Speed Calling

This service allows one-digit or two-digit codes to be used as shortcuts for selected telephone numbers.

Unconditional Call Forwarding - Fixed

This service forwards all incoming calls on to an alternative number, without ringing the customer’s phone first.

Unconditional Call Forwarding - Variable

This service forwards all incoming calls on to an alternative number, without ringing the customer phone first.

Voicemail Instructions

ALLO Phone App